A love letter

Sometimes you have to give in to your animalistic side

In Vietnamese, we call human "con người". "Con" is a classifier word for animals, and "người" means mankind. That's how I was raised, to believe that we have two separate parts in each and single one of us. Always, when I met someone new for the first time, I wonder if they are more of an animal or of a human, and then I wonder if that thought come my animalistic side or my human side.

Mankind alone is complicated enough. We talk, but it means next to nothing. We act, and that doesn't count either. Communications are all what we desire and do, but there are just an ungodly amount of unspoken messages that may or may never be understood.

And because we are aware that we are complicated, we became rather too cautious. Why anything at all when sometimes it means nothing to one but everything to another but still, nothing like what you want at all?

But don't you think our animal side needs to howl too?

Do you ever crave a single raw moment, do you ever want to hunt, do you ever want to bite?

Two of them, sitting together, day by day. Knee always lightly touched. Hearts always beat a little too fast. It is so obvious that something has been going on for awhile, but nothing is ever going to happen too soon too.

Imagine a world when you want it, you can just simply said "I want you to suck my dick" and none of the offend will be taken, full message of pure desire received and done.

Would you do it if you get exactly what you asked for, and if not, all is good? You wouldn't be judged, you will just be heard?

I would.

So now, why are you ruining your own chance of an amazing thing, which is your dick being sucked, just because you are a little too human?


To wake up the animal inside of someone, you need to howl first.

It is there, it just need a little "help" to be able to stand up straight on it's own.

If you want me, tell me to suck your dick. Let's go on a hunt for each other's flesh, and if the human in you can't figure out what to do next, at least he would be better confused with a full stomach.

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