For Barcode Magazine Vietnam - From Another Point of view

My first shoot ever since I moved to HCM city. It was crazy, I did this entire shoot in the middle of a giant life crisis. Sold my house, moved to my husband's, move again to another city, and then move again, and then move again - with 4 cats, in 4 weeks. I was exhausted, I was depressed, and I had no mood , no inspiration whatsoever. Yet, when Barcode magazine contacted me and said they want to feature me in a 12 pages spread , i was like Hell fucking Yeah. Usually they do a fashion-lookbook thing with models in a studio. Me, I did a new concept, new location and props for every single picture in the spread. It was crazy but I needed that boost, for nothing else but to let myself know, I still got it lmao.

Yeah sorry for the ramble. I have been lonely. How are you guys though? xoxo


  1. The photos are so unique and creative, I love them all. You are gorgeous, as always. Oh and can I get the magazine somewhere? Btw will Nirvana streetwear open a shop in HCM city? The clothes are very cool too!

  2. I just contacted with the magazine but the don't sell online :( I just wanted to pay and have the magazine in my hands but... Anyway I really like what have you made!!! Really good work. As an artist I understand you so much