Just got back from hell... It's hot and sticky

 Life is hella funny sometimes..

My photographer for my blog, who turned out to be my bestfriend after half a year we worked together, owned a streetwear brand. I, 3 months ago, was writting my book, but i got no happy ending to write, so i ran away with him and another friend of his, on his trip shooting a lookbook accross Vietnam for his clothing brand. I, ended up got married to this other friend of his, within 12 days we met.

It got funnier. I started out as a photographer, then a fashion designer, then i closed down my own clothing line to open my blog. Now, all of a sudden, my photographer/bestfriend asked me to be the co-owner / designer for his brand, and i said yes!!! i am a designer again guys!!

Tshirt I still skate, as well as other stuff i made, now available for purchase worldwide, on https://www.etsy.com/shop/NirvanaStreetwear



  1. Dope!


  2. Nice!


  3. Love your style!


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