found some old photos before i bleached my brows that i haven't posted !!! and sorry guys for the lack of posting other stuff beside outfit posts lately, my life is just so uninspiring at the moment, i got nothing going on at all :( trying to pull my shit together and hopefully get back on track with my photography work lately, i have been so neglecting with photos.. hope you all are still doing well, much loves like always xoxo

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  1. What are you talking about your posts are always inspiring.


  2. wtf who took these pics youre breathtaking!!

  3. girl these pics are amazing?!?!?! like your hair and everything you're wearing and the way you look, its all so in sync and looks so perf T____T i'm not exactly a fashion/photog guru so i don't know the terms for it all but the way you styled everything looks so good!!