Let me be your Morphine

Top and Bottom: Morph8ne http://www.morph8ne.com/
Choker: Bumbabes https://www.etsy.com/shop/bumbabes
Everything else: thrifted

Been having a busy but really good week! Everything is well, and I was gifted this amazing set by Morph8ne, an independent brand from Thailand. The top is soft cotton and the skirt is chiffon, perfect for this heat <3 And my new alien choker is more than cute, thank you so much bumbabes!

Also, I made some new friends, and one of them was this crazy talented artist name Tiffany (Lovage), who draw this henna skeleton on my arm. She is now doing commissioned henna piece as well as drawing piece, and you can check out her work on her insta @lovage xx


  1. Love this outfit! Those shoes are amazing :)