Wasted Youth

Top: Once Youth www.onceyouth.com
Skirt: American Apparel
Shoes: Romy London asos.mp/romyldn

So this look is a combination of a witch, a cheer leader, a goth and a school girl. Really just kind of wake up in the morning and put it together. Also, I am getting hair extension soon, and couldn't be more excited!! I haven't had long hair in like... 10 years??

I am a super big fan of Once Youth so I was so thrilled when they send me this awesome Shinobi shirt. And this pair of shoes from Romy London is the proof that shoes can be comfortable, kick ass and kawaii at the same time!! I walk in these all day feeling like i am walking bare feet, no kidding. When I die bury me with 9 pair of Romy London for my next 9 lives <3 ~~

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  1. Świetny post i zdjęcia ; )
    Zapraszam do mnie - http://xgabbi.blogspot.com/