Plaaastic! x SomewhereNowhere

In case you don't know the hottest new brand in town, it is Somewhere Nowhere. I love every they make, so it felt amazing when I have a collaboration with them. Check the brand and out guys, they make everything fluffy and cute and their backpack and socks and shoes oh my gawddd I love everythingggg

If you follow me on instagram @plaaastic, you will know my life is pretty fucking bad right now. I ran away from home and now crashing at my friend place, yet I still manage to shoot this entire lookbook, must say I am pretty proud of myself. I still have plenty of collaborations coming up, and I know I have been neglecting with my blog but keep an eyes out, because I will be back in Singapore next week and that means I will be back with working everyday.

Model: Me and the Dinosaur
Photographer: Thullee 
Clothes: Somewhere Nowhere


  1. love this so much <3333

  2. this is so good! i wish you all the best with your situation <3<3