Escape Reality

Top: Acid Singapore http://acidclothing.net/
Skirt & Undershorts: Nun Bangkok http://nunbangkok.com/
Shoes & Sunnies: Vintage

Polar bear fashion for today.. because it is too hot to bare and if I still wear black I may passed out.
Acid Singapore is one of the rare local store that sell cool stuff ( for real ). I love this tee from them, soft and thin just nice for the summer-forever in Singapore. And Nun Bangkok is my newly discovered brand, way too awesome all the way from Bangkok. In conclusion, these two brands will probably suck dry my wallet in the future lolol.

I am really happy to receive messages from you guys, saying that "thank you for introducing me to more brands around the globe". And that is exactly what I want to do! I love independent brands, and if their designs are rad, one of a kind + cheaper online price, why not go for it instead of those mass producing stuff in sweat shop. I will soon make a list on my blog include all the shops where I get my clothes from, so it is easier for you to max out your credit card lol.


  1. your blog is getting better and better everyday

  2. love your shoes!


  3. amo essas composições!!