I am typing this write now, to you,on my phone, in the cold night of Hanoi. I just got back home from a long day of working, and my mother decided it will be fun to blame me for all shits in her life and starting to scream at me while choking me. Sounds fun isn't it. So I ran out of the house, now outside in the cold, with no money, no warm clothes, my lungs hurting everytime i breath and I have no where to go. This neighborhood is too dangerous to walk around, and I have no money anyway, so I sit on the door step near by, and it just starts to rain. I text the only person who is matter to me on earth, and his reply was " Why does this have to happen the night before my exam? "

I'm done. I'm so done with life


  1. This is amazing, you're a great writer

  2. They never realise what they do to you cuz at the end of the day you're not a thing, you're a human being that is worth everything in the world. You're not useless. You have talents. I believe you already would know by now since this is a very old post. I used to run away. It's my only way to show independence in this "middle of the equator" city. But anyways. You are a strong girl, don't fall too deep.