Top: bought from Nepal
Fringe jacket: Thifted
PVC skirt: Topshop
Shoes: Thrifted

First of all: I GOT A HAIR CUT LIKE FINALLY. Not sure how I feel about it at the moment, too strange lol. I keep staring at my self in the mirror, I look like a totally different person!! It has been like 10 years since last have fringe, and all of the sudden it is so hard to take care of my hair and I look like an idiot with my glasses on ( I am short sighted ). It still looks nice now fresh back from the salon, but I bet a few wash later and it will grow out everywhere.. Can't believe it's only day 2 i got my hair cut and I am already regret lolol

Second: Something horrible happened. I realized that all of my post before my trip to Nepal was DELETED. No fucking idea why. Even the page I set up to gain donation for the orphanage house in Nepal, GONE. No wonder why nobody contact me about it lately :( Have to set it up again soon..

Third:  suddenly I have this strange love for Indian jewelry. and PVC skirt. and heel. Like what? i am becoming a girly Nepali lady? ahh whatever this post sucks anyway

till next time!!


  1. Omg your blog is so inspirational, jus in loved with it.
    Following you right now!


  2. Wow how do you even find shoes like that at a thrift store?? They're so beautiful!
    I just came across your blog and I love your style <3