Flower Power

Shoes: Converse
Shorts: Vintage Lee
Oversized Shirt: Vintage Levi's
Lace Brallet: Forever 21
Temporary Flower Tattoo: Pepper Ink

So the lovely peeps at Pepper Ink sent me the cutest care package ever earlier this week: A pack of all vintage floral tattoo! I am obsesses with temporary tattoo, which is so lame because I already have so many real ink lol. I guess that kid inside me who love colorful stickies stuff will never die. Same answer for the reason why I have bought 1239023812 bindis this week...

Singapore have been dreadfully hot and I have been using my scooter to get around lately, because i am definitely not a big fan of sweaty peeps on public transport. This outfit actually works, i mean i needed something that is very summer, very goth, comfy shoes for scooting and light jacket to sun-burn proof. Been getting lucky with thrifting lately, and got that amazing Lee shorts for 2 bucks whatttttt

You can get the awesome temporary tattoo here on Pepper Ink's Etsy shop


  1. i love your style !


  2. you are VIetnamese too wow I love your blog

  3. Jesteś mega śliczna i masz mega śliczny styl :) Bardzo podobają mi się Twoje zdjęcia ;*

  4. Loving the outfit, would definately wear that. Feel free to check out our newest post x