Myanmar on Instant Film

I know i'm about six months late for this post.. but only now I have the time to scan these pictures. I didn't plan to post them until I saw requests on seeing more of my instant film work in my Tumblr ask. I have so many instant pictures, i am scared of counting them to find out how much I have spent. Myanmar was so peaceful, nice and quite. It is still so pure with the blurry concept of globalization, where coca cola is still a rare find. Temples, and monks, and palaces.. the clear street with no people and the simplicity of the city. One of the most peaceful place on earth.


  1. Oh dear, this post is the one I needed to read.
    I'll start soon to backpack around South East Asia, and Myanmar is of course on my top list. These snaps and what you wrote about it just make my desire to go there even stronger.
    I've browsed the travel categorie on your blog; there are thousands things I would love to talk about with you. I'll pass by Hanoi in December, who knows, if I cross your path in the street I'll say "Hi" ! ;-)

    Couleur Spleen.

  2. omggg! you were hereeee?!!? I'm one of your biggest fans from Myanmar! pls come back sooon