Good bye to Plaaastic! clothing - New beginning to the Plaaastic! blog

As you guys know I announced last week that I am closing down Plaaastic! clothing, and today, just now, I took the web www.plaaasticclothing.com down. I know i know, it was a shocking decision that was made overnight, and seriously people was not happy. But I know it is the right choices to made, and I have no regrets for it, just a little bit sad.

I made Plaaastic! clothing in the first place, from a dream to bring an affordable rad brands for young girls like me. How many times have you seen those dope clothes from tumblr, needing them to death, and then found out they cost more than your rent last month? And what I got was an overwhelming support from you guys, which was extremely unexpectable. Before I started out, my friend told me she lose too much money on the run, and her first 2 years with her shop was just plain lost. It wasn't like that with Plaaastic!. It was a huge success. I only sell the first collection of Plaaastic! clothing on the facebook page like a year ago, and see how far we have gotten now?

Then why do I closed it down you say? Why waste a dream and an supporting sources for my college? Why shut it down why it was still in its peak?

The reason is I don't like who I am right now anymore.

Just a year ago, dancing was my life. 2 years ago, I spent every single day taking photograph. And the year before that, I was on the road with my backpack feeling completely free. Of course it is not like I don't do any of these now since I have Plaaastic!, that will be too extreme. No, I still do all of that, but I got chased my stress. It is so difficult to manage an online company when you are doing everything by yourself, keep up with school work, passion and life at the same times. But it was still all good for me until I went back to Vietnam about a month ago.

I woke up everyday knowing that I don't need to do the boring routine of work-eat-dance-sleep. I can walk on the greener grass, have a nice brunch, meeting up with friends and shooting photos for the people I love. I feel like happiness there is so much simpler ,that it has nothing to do with fame, looks, or money. And I realize I have forgotten a very big part of life , the living part. I was doing things,but I wasn't living things.

So here we are. Closing down at our peak.

A lot of people has offered to buy the brand from me. They question me why do I waste the brand name. But I chose not to, Plaaastic! was like my first born child, I can't bare to look at other people handling it. And also, I will continue blogging at the Plaaastic! blog, sharing to you my style, my adventure, my loves with dance and photography, and above all I hope you will still continue to support me in this new way of life. Thank you the Plaaastic! fans for all things you did, I wouldn't be here if it wasn't supported by you. It was a truly amazing one year journey, and this is not the end.

Say goodbye to Plaaastic! clothing, say hi to the new Plaaastic! blog

G from Plaaastic!


  1. Happy that you follow your dreams! <3

  2. does that mean we cant buy any of your products anymore!

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