Taiwan on Instant film

My trip to Taiwan , was off.the.hook. Overly awesome. I think in all the places I have been through, Taiwan is my favorite. Dope food, best dancers, beautiful view, crazy shopping. What more a girl could ask for? I seriously believe my moving to Taiwan is just the matter of time. 

To describe how great Taiwan is, you just know, I am a hateful person. I hate almost everything. But i spend 10 days there, and I can't one one tiny bit to complaint. It is love at first sight. If you are hesitating about going to Taiwan, YOU ARE WRONG. Go, go go!

Love bridge in Taipei, sunset

Love bridge in Taipei, sunset

Love bridge in Taipei, sunset

Fishers' man draft, Taipei

Ferry to Chichin Island, Kaoshiung, Storm day

Cozy bed at the best hostel ever, cozy planet. I am in love with that place . 100% recommnedation

whattt one machine of alien plush toy? there goes my life saving and 3 years of youth

I do starting to get what my photography friend was saying about never scan your instant film, keep it for yourself. They look so perfect in real life, but after scan all was left is dullness and unrealistic colours. May be it is the 79 bucks printer cheapskate me buy, but I don't know.. And I am thinking about using my instant film as business cards, what do you guys think?

More pictures (digital) and details about my Taiwan trip in other blog post here


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