Nepal on Instant film

Breaking news: I have been shooting with instant films for over 3 years, and I only now bought a printer. Good news: I am scanning them now and will upload them by categories so I finally have some portfolio to ask for a photography job. Bad news: I have like 1203210391023 photos and an head-exploding amount of awaiting works

It is seriously very scary to think of the amount of money I have spent on instant film.. And these are not all yet, half of my photos are to giveaway. It is always so nice to have some instant photo without instant sharing isn't it? I have decided to upload the photos from Nepal first, since the donation for children in Nepal is still going strong! In case you didn't know, I am collecting donation for the Nepali children in Relationship Nepal orphanage home. They are wonderful, outstanding bright and lovely children who are just not as lucky as us. You can read all details about it here!.

all of the children at Relationship Nepal

We went out on a picnic together


the Bag man who sells bags


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