Charity for the Children of Nepal

In may 2013, I traveled to Nepal to teach dancing to kids at an orphanage home called Relationship Nepal. They are a charity based orphanage, which means the small amount of donations that they get every month is their only income for 13 kids, in the age of growing and schooling, with books to buy and dreams to achieve.

I love my Nepal family, they are my everything. Krishna, the owner of the orphanage, truly made me feel like I have found my second family. He has a wife and two kids, but he is so kind he sacrifice his everything for the house of love where 13 kids with no family come to live for a better future. They are from everywhere in Nepal, from broken family, disabled family, family who are too poor to feed their kids, and if it is not because of Krishna, who know how their life will be in such a young age?

The kids are in the age of 6-13, and they are bright and well behaved children. Although Krishna is doing the best he can, living on only charity is extremely difficult, and especially in school season or holiday season when they need more food, books and a better meal for the kids. I wrote this blog post hoping that I can help them earn more donation, $2 may be nothing for us, but it is a changing dime for them, it could get them a day with a full stomach, and school school supplies. No donation is too little, and I will appreciate anything that you can help

The children eating their meal- in the same room they use to study. The meal just consist a small portion of rice and potato

 The children are so beautiful in every way, it is so sad to see they can't grow to their own potential because the lack of opportunities. If the donation is enough to cover the living cost, we will be able to buy books, dvds, and musical instrument for them to learn

The kids in Relationship Nepal:

The owner of the home, Krishna, and his family ( his wife, 2 kids and his little sister ) stay together with the kids to take care of them, and he treat the children like his own. All the kids grow up loving each other, they makes such a wonderful family

Since the day I made my shop Plaaastic! clothing, I have taken out 10% of every month to donate for them. Now, with me just blogging, I try to help them in every way possible, but with only my effort, it is not enough for them, especially now when the economy went down and they have even less donation than usual.

Please help me to help them. Lend me a hand, make the world a better place! I collect donation from here and transfer to them at the end of every month, but if you prefer to help them directly, you can too!

You can view there website right here
If you want to personally contact the owner of Relationship Nepal Krishna, you can contact him via his Facebook

All donation to them can be send via my paypal account plaaasticbaby@gmail.com. Please write a note when you transfer so I know it is to the kids!

Please email me to the same address if you have any more questions , inquiries, or you want to help by press and media. After you send the donation, I will keep in touch with you and send you proof so that you know where exactly your money went.

No amount of donation is too little. Even $2 helps! Please make the donation as much as you are comfortable to, it is being well spent for the people who in needs.

This is the picture they sent me last month, when the donation from my blog helped them bought school uniform and new clothes for the children.

Spread the love around, makes the world a better place 


  1. Ahhhhh! GG!!!!! I think it is so so cool how you do charity work and you are absolutely passionate too!!! Thank you for making the world a better place. Is it still possible to donate?

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