my heart's broken, my mind's crazy, and my soul's lost
everything tragic is all i've got
wander one, still another, years gone by and i am no longer
yours, mine, or any other's 
nothing stays, nothing leaves, don't push me further
I can't do it, and you know it
hell is hot but I can stand the heat
Just one thing in life, i can not survive
is remembering your cold smile the last time i cried


A season to love

I hate endless summer days
the way I hate too sweet sweets
the way I once tasted bitter liquor on your lips
and have to make myself a drunk out of it

Too much expectations, too much hope,
make tonight a slippery sloppy slope.
I rather it be gloomy forever
than bright up once, then doomed together.

I crave a straight road with neon lights
to forget about your smiles, your eyes.
But I know I just won't leave
I need to be here for whatever you need.

I shall compare you to summer's day
but I am not lovely or temperate.
Just another ex lover who's desperate
In a season that I love to hate

Let the rain pours, let my drinks be poured,
I want to feel you to my core.
I have grown to be so fond of winter
As I am too fond of you getting colder.

I want to

Let me touch your voice
Let me drink your anger
Let me smell your desire
Let me comb your soul

One day

One day I will be
Just a forgotten memory.
But I will be your
forgotten memory.

Don't forget to forget