Motel Rocks

and a bonus image lolol

Top: Motel Rocks: http://www.motelrocks.com
Shoes: YRU http://www.y-r-u.com/

Being a huge fan of Motel Rocks, I was so so happy when I received this care package from them. Mind you, before this, I have spent an uncountable amount on their halter and baby doll dresses hahaha. This tee from them is just perfect, I love the pixelated print to death!


Cross my heart, hope to die

Top: Da Pink Rubbish http://www.dapinkrubbish.com/
Bottom: American Dead Stock http://americandeadstock.com/
Shoes: YRU http://y-r-u.com/
Choker: OS Accessories


Hell is so hot right now

Top: Lovely Items http://instagram.com/lovelyitemss
Shoes: Dr Marten Jadon
Skirt: Sad Eyes Apparel
Fishnet Stocking: Karmaloop

So today I went to the three blind mice flea market.. supposed to help my friend Tiffany with her clothes booth and henna. Ended up she was exhausted and we was too hyper, so we was having a little party in the back with all the club music playing at 2pm lol.. The whole girl gang who I just knew (through instagram) was there, so it was crazy fun! A perfect way to spend my Sunday, before school opens again tomorrow

It is so crazy to think.. a month ago I have no friends and spend every single day at home online eating delivery food. But through instagram, in a week i made 7 new friends who I shoot photos with and hang together until now. Life is much much less lonely and way more unexpected. Right now I am having 23.000 followers on instagram, and surely it brings a lot of hassle. People starting to shoot hate on me, i got all the creepy stalkers who ask for pictures of my feet, and all of the online relationship going on... But, I made a lot of new friends, have new awesome opportunity and able to do things I never imagined I could before. So, whatever, I am enjoying every single minute of this life. For once, it felt great to be me

Tiffany doing her henna for customer
party in the back
Brandi probably feeling ashamed for what she just did
gazel probably don't care
free note books as gift from Tiffany <3