Wet Goth

A few days ago, I went out to work as usual, but then my shoot got canceled because of the heavy rain. I was soaked wet although i already wear a rain poncho and carry an umbrella, and it was horrible. Up next is the worst decision i could have ever made: thinking that my looking with the rain poncho is pretty cool and instead of changing out asap as i reached home, i shot these pics. Now I ended up with a cold and I have been rolling in bed for 2 days eating soup and delivery food. Good job GG.. Hope you guys enjoy these so it worth my few days of being sick lol

Tee from http://ytinifninfinity.bigcartel.com/
Choker from https://www.etsy.com/shop/scrapcityvintage


Motel Rocks

and a bonus image lolol

Top: Motel Rocks: http://www.motelrocks.com
Shoes: YRU http://www.y-r-u.com/

Being a huge fan of Motel Rocks, I was so so happy when I received this care package from them. Mind you, before this, I have spent an uncountable amount on their halter and baby doll dresses hahaha. This tee from them is just perfect, I love the pixelated print to death!


Cross my heart, hope to die

Top: Da Pink Rubbish http://www.dapinkrubbish.com/
Bottom: American Dead Stock http://americandeadstock.com/
Shoes: YRU http://y-r-u.com/
Choker: OS Accessories